Pantai Duyung

Duyung Beach is located not far from Sanur Beach and is actually part of the same coastline. You can even find a pedestrian path that connects the two beaches, with just a 5-minute walk between them.

There are plenty of facilities around the area, including luxury hotels, various restaurants, bars, and cafes. Duyung Beach is also known as Hyatt Sanur Beach because it is situated behind the Hyatt Sanur Hotel.

Duyung Beach is quieter and less crowded, making it suitable for those who want to enjoy a relaxing time at the beach. The peaceful atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for families with children to play in the sand and swim in the calm waters.

Moreover, Duyung Beach is a great location for photography enthusiasts as many fishing boats often dock along the shore, providing a unique charm. The beach is also clean and well-maintained, making it a perfect destination for a day trip.

To reach Duyung Beach, you can easily access it from Sanur or drive for about 40 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. There are plenty of parking spaces available for visitors who bring their own vehicles.

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