Bugis Ancient Tomb

Details of Bugis Ancient Tomb Buildings

The tomb was located at the south of Bugis Village. All the tombstones written in Arabic showed the names, prayers, and the years they had been burried. The oldest tombstone is the one which made on 1269 Hijriah or 1833, some of then ranged untill 1335 Hijriah or 1916.

The aculturation between two cultures, Bugis and Balinese, is really shown in these tombstones. Balinese patterns on the sculptures, such as pepatran, kekarangan with simbar-simbar, padma, patra mesir, patra sari, patra cina is combined beautifully with Bugis sculptures styles such as tiny leaves, lontara letters and arabic letters. Moh ali Fadillah (1986) in his research mentioned that there are 178 tombstones in this complex.

Puak Metowa Tomb or Puak Gede

This tomb is bigger than the rest, the people told that this is the tomb of the important person in their community, Puak Metowa or Puak Gede. The title was fiven from King of Badung, Cokorda Pemecutan III, as an honor for him.

The tomb has a special shape with layers of square concretes smaller to the top. This type of tomb is similar to the one that built for the kings of watan lamaru or tallo, in south sulawesi.


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