Puri Agung Jro Kuta

Puri Agung Jro Kuta was founded by Dewa Gede Jambe Badung, approximately in the year 1820 AD. After the Abiseka ceremony as the pejejengan (spiritual leader) of the palace, he was given the title Kyai Agung Gede Jro Kuta Kahunin.

The royal family of Puri Agung Jro Kuta is a direct descendant of Puri Klungkung, specifically Dewa Agung Kusamba, who was the King of Klungkung.

In terms of history, especially in the pitra yadnya ceremony and pengabenan (cremation ceremony) at Puri Agung Jro Kuta, the Naga Banda tool is used. Naga Banda is used because it is a direct descendant of the King of Klungkung (Satria Dalem) who has undergone the Mabiseka Ratyu (coronation) ceremony, which means ascending the throne as the king.

Until today, the layout or zoning of Puri Agung Jro Kuta is still arranged as it was in the past. Upon entering the courtyard of Puri Agung Jro Kuta, there are four kori agung (grand gates). In the terminology of the ancient kingdom, these are referred to as Nyatur Singa, which signifies four different locations within one area.

The first courtyard is Jaba Ancak Saji, located in the southwest of the palace, which is usually used for preparations before entering the palace. It is followed by Jaba Tengah, Jaba Tandeg, Saren Agung (the king's living room), Suci, and the last one is Merajan Agung, which serves as a place of worship for the Supreme God.

As a historical note, Puri Agung Jro Kuta is the custodian of Pura Luhur Uluwatu, one of the Sad Kahyangan temples in Bali, located in the village of Pecatu, Badung Regency.

Another aspect of Puri Agung Jro Kuta is the tradition of weaving. This craft is still preserved at Puri Agung Jro Kuta. Although the production is far behind that of industrial textile machines and modern techniques, this traditional heritage is still upheld. Traditional woven fabrics for yadnya ceremonies are still highly sought after by the community.

Preserving local culture and wisdom is the characteristic of Puri Agung Jro Kuta. The artisans still use traditional wooden weaving tools that are decades old.

The strength of culture and the commitment to preserving traditions are important efforts in conserving the diversity of the Island of the Gods. The existence of Puri Agung Jro Kuta as one of the central points of the ancient kingdom should be continuously preserved.

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