Bugis Traditional House on Stilt

This house on stilts located in Serangan and become one of cultural heritage from XVIII-XIX Masehi. It sits and facing Assyuhada mosque.

The Bugis Village leader, Mohadi, told the story that this house belonged to Haji Muhammad Taib, one of the villain that came from Makassar, South Sulawesi. Him and his whole family built and lived in Serangan Island and helped the king of Badung conquered Mengwi Kingdom at that age.

Recently this building has gone through several times of restoration, but because of its age, it doesn’t look as beauty as it was.

This house available to keep up to 10 families. Based on the size, this house is cathegorized as Soa Piti in Bugis language, or Taratak in Makassar language. A small details in the roof which is it only has 1 layer roof makes it different with the  original one who has two layers of roofs.

Description for the pictures:

Aerial Width                         : 21 x 15 m²

Length                                  : 1023 cm

Width                                   :   750 cm

Material                                : Woods


Bugis Traditional House on stilts has a similar shape with all the houses in Bugis-Makassar. They consists of 3 parts that has their own functions.

The main floor called Rakkeang or Pamarakkang, Being used as a storage for food and all the heritage things. The second floor just below the main floor is the place where the families lived called alabele or Kallo Bela. This floor devided into bedroom, living room, and kitchen. The third floor under the second floor called awase or passiringan. This basement consist an open areas without walls where they made an animal cage or as a shed for their farming tools and fishing tools. (Ambary, 1977 in Fadillah 1986:202)

The structured of this house was built with 18 main posts each sized 25x25cm, put in square position with east and west facing. Each posts are connected with wood nails and joined with bamboo. The stairs steps are located in the front right and left back of the house each one facing west and east.

The house has a front porch furnished with a set of table made from wood. The second floor decorated with unique porch gates. It has four entrances. The main entrance is facing west, the middle entrance facing west, entrance between the bedrooms and the kitchen. Latest renovation has changed the roof into modern roof, but still maintained the architectural sculpture along the walls with Bugis design

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