Sekaa Barong dan Keris Sari Wisata Budaya

Sekaa Barong and Keris Sari is a cultural tourism group in Bali, Indonesia that focuses on preserving and showcasing traditional Balinese arts and culture. The group is dedicated to promoting the beauty and significance of Balinese heritage through their performances and activities.

Sekaa Barong and Keris Sari specializes in two important cultural elements: the Barong dance and the Keris dance. The Barong dance is a traditional Balinese dance that depicts the eternal battle between good and evil. It features a large mythical creature called Barong, representing good, and a demon-like creature called Rangda, representing evil. The dance is accompanied by vibrant music and colorful costumes, captivating the audience with its energetic movements and dramatic storyline.

The Keris dance, on the other hand, showcases the traditional Indonesian weapon known as the keris. The dance incorporates fluid and graceful movements, symbolizing the beauty and precision of the keris. It is often performed as a solo dance, accompanied by traditional gamelan music.

Sekaa Barong and Keris Sari actively participate in cultural tourism activities, including performances at various venues and events. They contribute to the promotion of Balinese arts and culture by showcasing their skills and talent to both local and international audiences. Their performances often attract tourists who are interested in experiencing the rich cultural traditions of Bali.

In addition to their performances, Sekaa Barong and Keris Sari also engage in educational activities. They offer workshops and training sessions to teach the younger generation about the traditional dances and the cultural significance behind them. By passing down their knowledge and skills, they ensure the continuity of Balinese cultural heritage for future generations.

Furthermore, Sekaa Barong and Keris Sari actively collaborate with other cultural groups and organizations to promote cultural exchange and cooperation. They participate in festivals, exhibitions, and cultural events both locally and internationally, representing the vibrant artistic traditions of Bali.

Through their dedication and commitment, Sekaa Barong and Keris Sari contribute to the preservation and promotion of Balinese cultural tourism. They play a significant role in showcasing the rich artistic heritage of Bali, attracting visitors from all around the world who are eager to witness the beauty and uniqueness of Balinese arts and culture.

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