Embung Sanur

The Sanur Kauh Village area used to be a mangrove forest that had died out and was subsequently turned into a fish pond by the local community. Recently, the area has been transformed into a water storage facility to mitigate flooding.

Embung Sanur was built on a piece of land spanning approximately 2.3 hectares of the Tahura area. It has a pool area measuring 0.96 hectares and a storage capacity of 34,500 square meters. The embankment height from the bottom of the storage is 5.18 meters. This structure is designed to effectively reduce the occurrence of flooding.

Apart from its flood prevention function, Embung Sanur is expected to serve as a recreational, sports, and photography destination for both locals and tourists visiting Denpasar, the capital city of Bali province. 

Sanur is a renowned tourist destination, and the addition of Embung Sanur to its attractions is expected to further boost its appeal.

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