Taman Jepun

Denpasar, the capital city of Bali province, boasts a tourist destination that serves as a sanctuary for a wide range of frangipani flowers - the Bali Frangipani Palace. Situated on Jl. Hayam Wuruk Tanjung Bungkak, No. 104H, Sumerta Kelod, East Denpasar, this palace is the world's largest frangipani garden.

The palace serves as a conservation site for Indonesia's germplasm, with a particular focus on frangipani flowers. Oka Dipa established this frangipani-based flower garden in 2009 due to his personal preference for this flower. Initially, most of the flower seedlings were grown through his own cultivation efforts. However, the Department of Agriculture later provided assistance, leading to the planting of up to 400 different varieties of frangipani in this 2.5-hectare location.

Of these 400 varieties, 140 originate from Bali while the remaining 260 come from foreign countries, primarily Hawaii and Thailand. The Frangipani Palace houses several interesting features, including the Charles Plumier Monument, which greets visitors as they enter the garden. Plumier, a renowned French botanist, discovered the Frangipani genus named Plumeria. His classification work on over 4,000 plant species led to the identification of 700 new species, including the frangipani.

The palace's vast artificial lake, which lies directly in front of the La Jepun Restaurant, offers a refreshing and picturesque view. Numerous bird species, such as black and white swans, ducks, and other water birds, can be spotted here. Additionally, an international standard gateball field is present. The most recent attraction added to the Frangipani Palace is the pedal go-car game, introduced as one of the garden's recreational options from September 1, 2020.

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