Pura Sakenan

Sakenan Temple is part of thousands of temples in Bali. It is located in Serangan village, South Denpasar district. Previously, Serangan was a separate island that could only be accessed by sea, but after undergoing reclamation, this area is so easy to visit by land. Serangan itself is an attractive place for a number of tourists, there are turtle hatcheries, recreational diving and also other watersport activities such as in Tanjung Benoa, so that it becomes one of the tourist attractions in Bali that is a shame not to be missed.

Serangan Island is relatively small with a length of 2.9 km and a width of 1 km. As the name comes from the words sira and angen, it really makes you miss it because of its beauty, that's why Bugis sailors deliberately stop and rest looking for a drink here, because of the beauty of the island they feel at home for long, that's why until now there is a village called Kampung Bugis in this area. If you are a tourist, try to schedule a tour in Bali for you to visit here, besides some recreations such as water sports and turtle hatchery you can fish and dive.

Sakenan Temple itself is a heavenly temple, and according to the Usana Bali papyrus, it was built by Mpu Kuturan (Rajaketha). can be accessed by sea using fishing boats, gradually this sea transportation is starting to be abandoned, because now vehicles such as cars and even large buses can easily access Serangan.

If from the inscription of the village of Sading, Kec. Mengwi, Badung, the construction of Sakenan Temple is estimated when Bali was ruled by king Sri Masula Masuli, he reigned from the year Isaka 1100 (1178 AD) and ruled for 77 years. When Dang Hyang Nirartha was on a spiritual journey around the island of Bali, he also had time to stop by Serangan Island, he really admired the beauty of this island, the combination of sea and island nature was so harmonious, so he decided to spend the night a few days, and finally on the west side he built a holy place called Pura Sakenan

There are those who translate Sakenan from the word Cakya which means to immediately unite the mind, very reasoned that this small place separated by the sea has more calm and silence, so it is easy to unite the spirit or mind to the Creator. Pujawali at Sakenan Temple every 210 days, to be precise, Kuningan day on Saturday Kliwon, Kuningan.

When Hindus pray on Kuningan Day, there are at least 3 temples where people pray, namely the Susunan Wadon temple about 500 meters east of the main temple, then the Susunan Agung and Dalem Sakenan temples on the west coast. This is a package for a spiritual journey while praying to Serangan Island. Because the three temples symbolize Purusa, Pradhana and Lingga.

There is mention of Sakenan Temple as Samudra Kertih part of Sad Kertih. A place to worship Ida Hyang Baruna as the ruler of the sea to protect the safety of the world, purify all bhuta kala and humans, eliminate all kinds of diseases and obsta

If you are a tourist, even though you are not a Hindu you can witness the serenity and sacredness of Sakenan Temple. Apart from that, you can enjoy some marine tourism such as banana boating, diving, parasailing and jet skiing. Watersport games here are quieter, unlike Tanjung Benoa which is always crowded.

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